Friday, August 14, 2009

Missie Who??? And is she still around???

Yes, I am still around. I have been hanging out around the house and making cards mostly for special occassions, birthdays and such. I did buy a new camera and talk about spoiled...still want a better one but this one is such an improvement. I work on my digi files everynow and then but not enough to be posting yet. I do have alot of pics to scrap so I will post them as I can complete the pages. With the holidays coming up, I will be working on my Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas cards soon, so keep your eyes peeled for them to show up here. I will be checking the links to my files from the past to make sure they all work and if you missed anything you have another chance to grab them. Kim has been quite over at her blog but I will say, "She is going to be a Grandma". Her family is quite busy these days with the wedding and the baby. Congrats to Ashley and Jason, and to Kim and the whole Family. I can't wait to call them Grandma and Grandpa full time.

The boys are doing great. Denver has glasses now, Devin stopped skateboarding and has a baby sugar glider...and Clayton well he has been working a full time job with his dad but starts back to college on the 24th...Thank goodness.

Well I have updated my links to Fav. Blog sites for Page Ideas, Cards, and Supplies so go see what is out there.

Take care,

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Savings and more....

I was watching the NBC news this morning here in DFW and they had a spot on a man that was being paid to shop most of the time he walked into the store. I had to find out what all this was about. I found a link to a wonderful lady here in the DFW area that posts her savings and tracks her savings, so far in 2009 she has saved $645. Who couldn't use that kind of savings....go see her blog at Metroplex Savings, click here. To see the full News article click here

I have been spending time on writing my book lately and I know I said I would post some of the cards I have been creating but I was hit with a date change on my friend's wedding invitations. She moved her wedding up and I had to get to making those. I didn't even think to take a picture of them so I am going to try to recreate one for my files. I have been having difficulty finding all the pics because I had tried to reorganize my external hard drives and now I can't find anything...I even lost the family PowerPoint of all my layouts. I am really bummed about that one.

Here are the pics of the Birthday Card I made lately. I will have to get the supply list together, I am trying to make the list now as I make the cards. Learning as I go, so I do not mean any harm in not giving credit where credit is due so I will get this together and repost with the pic of the card.

I am having to take my pics with my cell phone now because the boys were using my digital camera to take pics of the wheelchair event they had here at the house and dropped the camera. Needless to say it won't work now...Wheelchair event??? They set up ramps and tied the wheelchair to a bicycle and were jumping the ramps in the wheel chair. I haven't pulled the pics off the camera disk yet but will have to post because this was the craziest thing they have done in awhile now.

Happy Saturday...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hello out there!!!!!!!

August 6th, really now. I can't believe it has been this long since I posted on the blog, shame on me. Well here is the latest and greatest Top 10 (in no specific order).....
1. Still getting a is hard at times but I am adjusting well and so is Denver. We are spending alot of time together and relearning a new town.
2. Denver is in his new school and loving it. We even have A/B report cards coming home and no phone calls from the school everyday...YEA ME!!!!!!!!
3. I have discovered that I have the landlord from hellllloooooooo...I have to laugh at their own insanity but this involves a whole new blog to fill you in. Just trust me when I say I am laughing at their stupidity, I am sorry...I meant to say insanity.
4. Work is still Work and busy as ever.
5. StarScraps (Kim) is blowing the doors off the digiscrap world, I am so proud of her and all her kits. Way to Go Kim!
6. Clay is still away in college, and we won't discuss his first semester there either. Okay all I have to say is, "Really, how exactly do you fail Freshman Orientation?" Enough said, I am proud of him either way he goes.
7. Designing...nope, making cards, YOU BET...My new found love but I do miss the digi world.
8. Devin is doing well and we are battling his desire to dye his brownish-blonde hair to black. I think he is really wanting to see where the stress test is failed by his father. Good Luck Shane! Devin is definitely doing it out of defiance. I sometimes wonder if he is pushing things to see where the burst point is on that vein in his fathers neck or he is trying to make me completely grey by my next birthday.
9. Our God is an amazing God, I have been blessed from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I have so many stories to share with everyone and will start posting them soon.
10. I will also be posting a few pics I have taken of the cards I have been making. I am playing with stamps, embossing powder, my cricut, stain glass paints, watercolors (still working the bugs out on my pens though), you name it and I am probably looking into it. I am all over the place when it comes to making cards. I even made stationary for the family for Christmas.

If anyone out there is using metal to emboss with a stylus...let me know where I can go get some heavier metal. I remember seeing it in Hobby Lobby and Michael's but they are no longer carrying it. I even went out to the big world of the Internet but have not found anything that is just under the thickness of a soda can. Foils are not thick enough and in my desperation, I tried a heavy duty aluminum foil but that didn't work out so well....I am up for some tips.

Well it is sooo late and I have caught up on all my blogs that I have not been able to sit down and see what they have been up to lately. I am pooped now....but I will be back. I have so much to share with everyone.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Suffering from Moving Pains

Well the gang (Kim, Jerry, and Brad) all showed up on Sat. and we started the moving early that morning. By the time we left the house we had a 14' trailer and two truck beds plus Kim's car full of stuff. It was so hot and we were all dragging by the time we pulled up to the new place. We had one more trip to make but on Sunday decided not to go because we were all just to tired. I look like someone has beat me with a baseball bat. I have bruises and cuts all over my arms and legs, now the muscles are starting to hurt and tense up. I so appreciate everyone of them because I would not have know what to do with out them. On Sunday, Kim meet me with coffee in hand to wish me a Happy Birthday, she even posted on her blog about the move and my birthday. Thanks Kim, you are the best friend I can have and your right don't know what I have done with out ya. We went to church and pretty much just worked around the new place all day. Kim made a incredible dinner and made me a Peanut Butter is it good, I am still eating on it and nope I am not sharing. I took Monday off to try to unpack things around the place and didn't get a lot done because I was visiting with my Dad. Kim came over and helped me get my kitchen put together and I have been really busy doing this stuff ever since she came over. I went back to work yesterday and wished I could have stayed home a bit longer. All I can do is sit here and think about what I need to be doing at home and I still need to go back this weekend and get the rest of the stuff left at the old place. Well go check out Kim's freebies over at Starscraps. She is really doing some neat stuff over on her blog and now that we are neighbors you might want to check in on both of us to see how things are going. We are going to have some funny stuff to post I am sure, seeing how her husband, Jerry, made me Mayor of the park on Sat. That was just too funny and handed me a gavel to welcome me to my new position. I think I will make him head of security seeing how he has a great gun collection. I will have to fill you in on when he put on the baseball helmet while moving later because I have to get back to work now. Don't forget, go by Kim's to get some freebies and I hope to be back to designing very soon. The scrapping room is next on my list to work on, can't wait......

Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome to the World, Hayden Michael Redding

I would like to welcome the newest addition into the family, my nephew, Hayden Michael Redding. Mom, Dad, Sister and Baby are all doing well and I can't wait to get to see him. Here is one of the pics I got in an email but will have to get the others together from mom.

I have been calling him Otis, after our Great Grandfather, this is going to be his new nickname from Aunt Missie. I hope my boys teach him all the in and outs of this world because it is only fair that my brother gets to experience all that I have the last 19 years. HEHEHE....Hayden, Aunt Missie has so many things to teach you and I can't wait till then.

Congrats to Mike and Michelle on this beautiful baby boy...